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Aspiring Leaders in Education


Transitioning from Teacher to Leader


Ready to step out of the classroom and into school leadership?

Congratulations on your decision!


But you need to know...

I love this quote from Marshall Goldsmith

What got you to this point, won't be what will serve you as you move into leadership.

You're an awesome teacher, admired by collegues, trusted by admin and loved by your students.

AND if you keep going with what you are doing, you will remain...an amazing teacher.


You need to pivot into an aspiring leader.


As you learn about and develop your leadership skills, you will literally see and hear things differently. 



If a door opened to your dream job right now, do you feel confident and capable enough to step through that door?


If the answer is "No", now what...

How do you get more confidence in your ability as an aspiring leader?

How do you know what to do when you are 100% certain of what is required?

The Four Pillars of Leadership Growth model is designed for aspiring leaders in education.

      1. Understand the Educational Ecosystem
      2. Demonstrate Leadership Capability
      3. Strengthen you External Support
      4. Upgrade your Internal Mindset

This model encompasses the whole person. It takes into account who you are outside of the school as well as how to prepare for taking on new leadership responsibilites. Becoming a leader is more about personal development, than professional development. Who you are as a leader will translate into other areas of your life.


As you shed the fear of speaking up for yourself (work we do in Pillar 4 - Upgrade your Internal Mindset), you will find that you speak up for yourself in other areas of your life i.e. family, friends and strangers.


As we align your leadership project (Pillar 2) with National and State priorities (Pillar 1) and begin to roll it out, you'll need to enlist the help of 'early adopters' to join your team (Pillar 3). That could mean having difficult converstations with members of staff (Pillar 4).


This is the power of the Four Pillars of Leadership Growth.

The work we do together will support you on your journey as an aspiring leader.


Where to from here?


Aspiring Leaders


VIP 1:1 coaching program for Aspiring Leaders

We work together for 6 months.

Using the Four Pillars of Leadership Growth Model.

We create your 6 month goal together before we start our coaching agreement.

Frequency of sessions is flexible (I'll explain more below).

Personalised Program so agenda is set collaboratively.

Online via Zoom. Recording sent through with notes after each session.




The details


Benefits of working with me


1.I'm a neutral party.

I am not part of your school politics. I have no hidden agenda. The work we do together is purely for your benefit and growth as a person and leader. 

2. I can see what you don't.

 When you are knee deep in your own thoughts, you can not see the big picture. There are solutions to your problems just outside your point of view. I can help you see them.

3. I am your own personal sounding board.

Got an issue with a collegue or something happened at school and you have a lot of strong feelings about it? That's the perfect time to book in your next session while it is still fresh. When you have big feelings about something, it's your brain telling you there is something unresolved. This is the work of Pillar 4.

4. Flexiblity of time

I know teaching is cyclical. You are not going to have the brain capacity to have a coaching session if you are up to your ears in marking. Let's skip that week. I also know, that there are times when everything else is cuising along and you have the bandwidth to dig in deep with your projects. Let's do a 2 hour session that week or several sessions in one week. Our time together is flexible. You will have the booking link so you can book in when ever you need it.

I will set 1 boundary though. That there is a maximum of 20 hours of face time together. 

5.  Flexibility of content

During our coaching sessions, there will be a process we move through for your leadership journey, however, if something else more urgent comes up, we can work through that too. If you wanted to get x, y and z done before our next session and the kids were sick so you couldn't complete it. All good.

However, I will set a boundary here too. If an action step you agreed to has not occured after several sessions, I reserve the right to really explore the uncomfortable reason you are not getting it done. Procrastination is not your fault but there are reasons you are avoiding doing something. By exploring them, you will learn more about yourself and release the hold that pattern of procrastination has on you.

6. The whole application process.

What if a fantastic opportunity pops up? I will provide feedback on your application and prepare you for your interview. We'll work through any fears you have so you can present the very best version of you during the interveiw.

7. This is not a group program.

Your educational ecosystem is different to that of someone down the road. Your roles and responsibilites in your life are different from someone else. Honestly, coaching is the most perfect form of self care. It is all about you, for you, to help you.

I'm Interested!

Got questions? Want more detail? Let's book in a free 30 minute chat.

Pay in Full

$1295 AUD

Payment Plan

6 payments of $225 AUD