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Front-End Your Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria teacher aspiring leader

Front-End Your Selection Criteria Stories

Want a great selection criteria story? Front-end it.


Just like we front-end assessment for a units of work, you can be front ending your leadership stories for your next selection criteria response.

We know as teachers front-ending assessment is good practice so let's apply it some where else. When we front-end our units of work, the unit just flows. You don't miss teaching any vital content and skills the students need, the students get the right learning opportunities for the assessment task and the whole teaching team is on the same page.

So if we know that this is best practice for the way we teach, let's take those lessons and apply them elsewhere.


So I challenge you to do this for your leadership stories. Start with the end in mind by front ending your leadership stories.

Create your ideal leadership story.

Quite literally, sit down and write it out as if it actually happened and as you would an actual selection criteria response.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. If you could do it 'perfectly' what would that look like?
  2. As you move through the phases of your model of change, what would you do in each phase.
  3. What document and policies does it align to?
  4. How did you prioritise the key tasks necessary for the story?
  5. What did you do to engage the early adopters?
  6. Did you liaise with other school leaders and key stakeholders?
  7. What outside community opportunities did you bring into the project. This could include  PD for staff, networking groups you engaged with or industry contacts you called on or created?
  8. How does it end? What outcome did you get from these actions?
  9. What data would you be collecting along the way to prove that the project you led has had an impact on student outcomes?

Now, you've just created your action plan. There are the steps that you can now follow to create a great story for your application. I run a webinar about how to respond to selection criteria every now and again. Take a look at the workshops page to see when the next one is on.



What if I'm already half way through the project?

If you need to, go back and fill in things that you've now thought of because the story isn't over yet. You can still do those these actions no matter where you are in the project.

What if it's already happened and you missed some things?

Firstly, go back and really check if didn't happen. It may be that you did something small that you consider insignificant but really, it is part of the process you lead.

Secondly, be a great reflective leader. In your outcomes, you could also add how you would have done an action differently, what impact that would have had and how that could have improved the outcomes of the project.


This strategy of front-ending will really help your stories. It's such a good strategy. Try it and let me know.