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Interview Preparation

Interview Preparation

Being interviewed for a position has such a range of emotions associated with it.


The sheer elation at being one of the chosen on the short list for a position you applied for

right down to

the dread at having to answer unknown or ridiculously difficult questions to get the position you want.


Everyone has experienced some of the following:

Interview Nerves

Clammy hands, dry mouth, rapid heart rate. You walk in and physically struggle to be a human being.

Random Rambling

You just talk at the speed of light but are not sure if you are getting your point across at all. It's like a word soup held together with a hope you say something right.

Radio Silence

You are sure they asked you a question but right then and there, it sounded like another language. You cannot figure out what to say in response and it seems like an eternity as they look at you waiting for a response.

Interview Preparation Package will include:

  • 3 sessions - 60 minutes each - via Zoom
  • One session on strategy:
    • ways to structure your verbal responses
    • Ways to prepare for the interview
    • Implementing feedback from recent/mock interviews
  • One session on mindset Tools to support your preparation
  • The final session will be rounding out your preparation (what ever else you feel you want more support with)

This package is $274 AUD

Interview Preparation Package

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