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The Reverse Golden Rule for Teachers

What is the Reverse Golden Rule?

The Golden Rule is treat others as you want to be treated. This principle is present in most ancient religions and cultures in some version.

The Reverse Golden Rule is treat yourself as you treat others.

Let that sit for a moment – treat yourself as you treat others.

Especially with our self talk. We use beautiful words of encouragement with our students, all day every day in our classrooms. We spend a lot of time working on our students mindsets, their beliefs and the effect those beliefs are having their present lives now and the impact it will have into the future.

So as you notice yourself giving this wise advice to your students, flip it, and hear it for yourself.

Apply the Reverse Golden Rule

Here are 4 statements I have heard countless times in teacher’s classrooms.

1)”If you’re stuck, ask for help.”

2) “You did a great job today. I saw you trying. I saw you thinking and I saw you grow. You should be proud of yourself.”

3) “Don’t be concerned about what other people say.”

4) “You’ve got this. Keep trying. I know you haven’t got it yet, but you will. I believe in you.”

Thoughts create our reality

It’s through the lens of our own internal voice that we perceive our everyday events. We always pull up our students when they say unkind things about themselves, yet we are our harshest critics.

So when you notice a not resourceful inner voice put yourself down, think about what we’d say to your students and say it to yourself…out loud.

Especially out loud.

The sound, the energy that is required to create those sound waves came from your mouth and then come back into your ears.

Let that message of kind supportive self talk come from you, to you.

If you would like support in improving yourself inner diaglogue, check out Empowering Educators.

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