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Selection Criteria Support Package

Demonstrating your leadership capability through selection criteria responses can be a challenging task.

I help aspiring leadership write an application over 3 sessions.


  • The price is $374 AUD for three sessions.
  • Session is 60 minutes via Zoom.
  • When you book in, an email will be sent to you with the booking details, including the Zoom link for our call.
  • The meeting will be recorded for you and a recording link will be sent under 24 hours after.

Here's what we can work on

Focused Improvement

Using your prewritten selection criteria responses, we can improve two leadership stories withing 60 minutes.

Weakest Link

Using your prewritten selection criteria responses, choose the weakest story and we'll improve it. If there is anything missing, we'll create the next actions you need to take.

Blank Slate

You have been working hard at school, now it's time to get it on to paper. I'll help with getting everything down on paper and give you a structure to place your leadership stories in.

Sounds Plain Jane

You've written everything down and it just doesn't sound good. You can't quite place your finger on it but there is definitely something missing.

Too Many Words

You've written a novel and only have a small amount of space to fit it in. I'll help you figure out what to include and what can be filed for a future work of non fiction.

Selection Criteria Package - 3 sessions.

Click the booking button to make the payment of $374 AUD and book your first session.

Just need a single session?

Click the booking button to make the payment of $125 and choose a time that suits you.