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Power Verbs

Power Verbs Selection Criteria

Power Verbs help you up level your selection criteria responses. They add impact to your leadership stories.


If you are ready to claim your awesome achievements in leadership, Power Verbs will do that.


When you are putting together your selection criteria, you want to position yourself where you lead your peers to make a positive change in the school.  As you are writing the narrative of your leadership story, you will need to state the actions you took to make this project/programme/story come to life.


Here is how Power Verbs can help you


Power Verbs position you as the Leader


This list I have cultivated is specifically for the educational setting. There are websites that have hundreds of words that could be used but they do not all place you as the person who led this project/programme/story.


It is important that the verbs you use show you were making change and not the one doing all the work. A leader leads other people. The work of leader is about bringing together others for a common purpose, not you running around doing all the work.

Power Verbs add impact to your Actions


Make sure you are following a structure for your selection criteria response. Here is a blog I wrote about how to structure a selection criterion.


Whether you use S.T.A.R. Model or another, in the section where you are demonstrating the actions you took to make change in your school, this is where Power Verbs will shine. Leader’s act. They are there to make the school community run smoothly by getting in important work done.


Start each action with a Power Verb from the list. Do not hide one down further in the sentence. Put it front and centre to show the impact you made.


If you want to use another verb, make sure it is high impact. If there is one you think would work on this list, let me know.

Power Verbs help you own it.


If you have a mindset stumble when trying to use the Power Verbs list, notice what your inner voice says to you. It is a sign you have work to do on your beliefs about yourself as a leader.


If you are struggling to state that you 'established' a committee to do the work required because you think you just asked a few friends to help, notice that thought. That thought where you are downplaying the impact you had. This is an unconscious program running in your mind that may result in a pattern of always understating your value and worth.


You did this, so claim it!


Power Verbs PDF


If you would like the PDF of Power Verbs, you can access it in the Resource Library for Aspiring Leaders.